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Queen City Anime Convention 2022 – General Rules and Policies

Queen City Anime Convention (QCAC) is a family-friendly event centered around the celebration of Japanese animation and manga (comic books), Japanese culture, video games, and pop culture. We want each and every attendee to enjoy themselves and have a safe and comfortable experience at our convention. The following rules and policies have been enacted to achieve that goal. Please read through them thoroughly and know that by attending the convention, you agree to abide by all of the rules and policies set in place by our Board of Directors and convention staff.  

Code of Conduct

  • All attendees must purchase admission wristbands from Registration in order to be present on the convention floor. “Ghosting” (attending the convention without payment) is not tolerated in any form.
  • Attendees must be 13 years of age to attend the event without an adult. Attendees aged 12 and under must be accompanied at all times.
  • QCAC has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. Engaging in harassment is grounds for immediate removal from the convention floor and barred re-entry. This includes:
    • Unwanted touching or groping
    • Lewd, inappropriate, or unwanted comments about another attendee’s gender, sexuality, age, race, apparent disability, appearance, clothing, or cosplay
    • Use of racial slurs or excessive profanity
    • Aggressive, threatening, or intimidating behavior
    • Stalking or excessive attention of any kind
    • Taking inappropriate or unwelcome pictures of other attendees
  • Please treat all QCAC staff members, hotel staff members, volunteers, vendors, artists, panelists, and other attendees with courtesy and respect at all times.
  • Smoking and vaping is not allowed in any parts of the hotel. You may smoke in designated smoking areas outlined by the hotel.
  • Attendees may not be connected to each other via a collar and leash, chains, rope, or any other fastening method.  
  • Signs or banners of any kind (“free hugs” etc.) are not permitted unless part of a cosplay and deemed appropriate by staff.
  • When attending panels and events, please keep conversation and other noise at a respectful level.
  • Unless you are a vendor or artist in our Marketplace, please do not sell anything on the convention floor.
  • Alcohol is served at the hotel and the legal drinking age in North Carolina is 21.
  • All attendees must obey local laws and ordinances while on the convention floor.

Event Space Policies

  • Please do not hang out in the hotel restrooms. Do not take video or photographs of other attendees while they use these facilities.
  • Please do not block the hallways (either through sitting or standing) while taking pictures, talking to friends, etc. Staff members reserve the right to ask attendees to disperse if need be.
  • Please respect our meet up and photoshoot space while they are in use. Staff members may ask attendees to clear the space to allow scheduled events to occur.
  • Do not move or remove any equipment, tables, signs, water stations, etc. without the express permission of convention staff.
  • Vandalism of convention or hotel property is expressly forbidden and possibly punishable by local law enforcement.
  • Attendees who require the assistance of a service animal are welcome at Queen City Anime Convention. Handlers must maintain control of their service animals at all time. Service Animals must be kept on a harness or leash at all times. Pets (including but not limited to Emotional Support Animals) are not permitted.

Cosplay & Dress Code

  • Cosplay is encouraged but not required
  • All attendees must adequately cover their private areas at all times in compliance with local law in such a way that they are secure and prevent accidents.
  • All attendees must have some form of footwear at all times – no bare feet allowed! “Invisible shoes” or clear flip flops are encouraged as an acceptable alternative to bare feet.
  • Dance belts are encouraged for tight fitting outfits.
  • Masks are permitted on the convention floor but they are not permitted in public spaces as per local law.
  • Body paint must be completely sealed.
  • Roller blades, heelies, skateboards and other personal transportation devices are not allowed to be worn or used inside the convention space. You make carry them around as props in your arms or around your neck.
  • If you are using the hotel restroom to change, apply makeup, adjust your wig, etc. please be respectful and accommodating to attendees trying to use the restroom to relieve themselves.
  • Cosplays that cannot fit through convention doorways are not permitted for safety reasons. Cumbersome cosplays are advised to have a “handler” while navigating the convention floor.
  • If you have an excessively large or tall cosplay, we kindly ask that you seat yourself towards the outer perimeter/rear of our event seating during panels and main events.
  • Code of Conduct rules apply even while in costume and in character unless you have consent from willing attendees (i.e. scaring or following attendees for entertainment must be done at their consent). Behavior that is dangerous or obscene is not excused while in cosplay.
  • Attendees are not permitted to wear or display apparel that is intended to offend or provoke other attendees. This includes references to pornography, pedophilia, threats, and provocative political statements. Queen City Anime Con Inc reserves the right to determine that an attendee’s attire is disruptive or offensive and ask the attendee to change.

Props and Weapons

  • Prop weapons must be easily distinguishable as fake from 10 feet away. If you are not sure if your prop weapon meets this criteria, please feel free to email and we are happy to make a determination in advance.
  • Props and weapons may not be longer than 8’ (eight feet) and must not weigh more than 20 lbs. If a convention staffer feels like a prop is unwieldy or poses a danger due to its size, QCAC reserves the right to ask that it be removed from the convention floor.
  • The rule of thumb for prop weapons is NO METAL ALLOWED.
  • Absolutely no real weapons are allowed on the convention floor regardless of whether they are sheathed/holstered or otherwise peace-bound. This includes knives (locking and folding), metal swords, hidden blades, firearms (antiques included), ammunition of any kind, nunchucks, whips and floggers, brass knuckles, spears, scythes, tridents, hatchets and axes, machetes, flails and maces, razors, animal traps, power tools and saws, bladed offices supplies, arrows with metal tips, metal bow staves, metal bats, grenades and other explosives, as well as any weapons restricted by local law enforcement.
  • Prop guns must have no moving parts, must be completely plugged, and must have a non-removable orange tip. If the gun looks realistic, it must have safety tape applied to at least 50% of its surface.
  • Sparring or rough housing with prop and weapons is not allowed.
  • Any weapons purchased in the Vendor Hall must remain in their encasing and be moved immediately to your vehicle or room.

Wristband Replacement Policy

  • If you lose your attendance wristband/badge during the convention, a new wristband must be purchased from Registration in order to continue attending the convention.

Lost and Found

If an item is found on the convention floor, please turn it into Information Desk. The item will be logged and secured by staff members. All items will be held until they are claimed by their owner(s) upon giving a full description of the item. At the end of the convention, all items will be turned over to hotel staff.

These rules and policies are subject to review and revision by QCAC Staff at any time. If you have any concerns about these policies or if you have a question that is not addressed by them, please email us at or contact us via one of our social media accounts.