Programing Guests

The following is an archive of our 2021 programing guests:


Goblins and Growlers

Goblins and Growlers create and host inclusive community-building tabletop live adventures, award-winning TTRPG content, live performances, and fundraisers for local charities with their diverse team of performers, game masters, artists, and audio/visual engineers.

They’ve raised tens of thousands for charities, run thousands of community-building TTRPG games for local business, guested at conventions such as DragonCon, GalaxyCon & Queen City Anime Con. They have also won awards for writing and designing our own original tabletop adventures!

Goblins and Growlers co-produces “Quid Pro Roll,” the only improv actual-play podcast with a cast of all professional game masters, along with their partners at Alpha Comics & Games. This podcast is the flagship program of GnG Studios, which also includes Goblin Book Club, Dungeons & Doodles, The Goblins and Growlers Tabletop News Podcast, and more.

Facebook: Goblins and Growlers

Instagram: @goblinsandgrowlers/

BL Garden

BL Garden of DFW is a group of dedicated fujoshi influencers who reach fans all around the world through their podcasts, panels, and BL research. They currently host 3 BL-centric podcasts–The 8OH1, The 8OH1 Reviewed, and Hey, Fujoshiman–and are the founders and hosts of FujoCon, the only BL convention in the United States. When not painstakingly cataloging bishies for research, the fujoshi of BL Garden of DFW can be found at the nearest boba tea cafe, playing BL card games and fighting over sports anime ships.