Panel Applications are LIVE and can be found at the bottom of this page

Queen City Anime Convention is a fan lead organization and we are always excited to offer fans the chance to get involved and share your passions with others!

As our name implies, we are an Anime and Japanese culture convention, and while we appreciate western media, we prioritize panels that directly involve anime, manga, or other Japanese culture. Of course, we do have a certain amount of leniency and we will consider well-planned proposals if the fandom is large and in demand and or overlaps with one of our core programming areas such as cosplay, and gaming.

Please note that our panel acceptance process is not first-come-first-served. Many received panel applications will be placed into our tentative list until we are sure we have space on the schedule. We will accept panels on a rolling basis instead of making all the decisions in one batch. While we strive to choose the best panel possible, submitting early may increase your odds of being chosen and allows us more time to plan for your panel’s needs.

Panel submissions that get approved:

  • Are well-planned and have supporting materials. Because of limited space and scheduling we want to ensure the panels we offer are successful, the more details you can provide regarding your proposal the better. Please make sure your proposal is well-written and if possible include evidence that the panel will be successful. Remember that the proposal is our first glimpse of how you will communicate with our team and with our guests and what you want to do at QCAC.
  • Are engaging and interactive. While we like lectures, proposals that include creative ways to communicate with the audience really catches our eyes.
  • Are more than a come and discuss a fandom or dressing in character and showing up. You can certainly submit “in-character” panels, but we’d like to see more than, “come ask your favorite character a question” in the description. If you have evidence of your panel going well in the past, please provide that to us, we would like to see photos, videos, or any other feedback you have received.
  • Keep social distancing in mind and do not involve physicality of panel attendees. We know that there are many fun games that involve movement around a panel room, but we do not have oversight to make sure they run safely, unfortunately. In order to offer the safest environment possible for our attendees we ask that all panels have a seated audience.
  • We are no longer accepting speed or blind dates type panels. While we appreciate the concepts of these panels and we definitely want our attendees to meet each other, we do not have the room or oversight to ensure these panels are run in a way that treat all of our guests equally and safely. In the coming years we hope to offer mixers to better allow attendees to mingle.

18+ Panels:

  • 18+ content is anything that contains graphic, sexual, overly violent or obscene material which would be unsuitable for minors.
  • Queen City Anime Convention is a family friendly event. Therefore, panels containing 18+ content will be scheduled late in the evening, generally between the hours of 10PM and 2AM.
  • If a panel submitted as ‘not 18+’ is found to contain 18+ material, Queen City Anime Con reserves the right to shut down the panel in progress. A panel shut down while in progress will not be considered successfully run, panelists will not be entitled to badge compensation, and may lead to denial of future panel submissions.
  • Queen City Anime Con is committed to providing a safe environment for all our attendees, as such all 18+ panels will be screened by our team to ensure their content meets our guidelines. Panels at Queen City Anime Convention may not include discussion, depictions, or any content related to the following:
    • Sexual harassment
    • Sexual assault, Rape, or non-consensual sexual interactions of any kind.
    • Statutory Rape or any sexual content involving minors
    • Any 18+ panel that is screened and approved by our team that is later found to contain any of the above content during the event, Queen City Anime Con reserves the right to shut down the panel in progress. A panel shut down while in progress will not be considered successfully run, panelists will not be entitled to badge compensation, and may lead to denial of future panel submissions. Queen City Anime Con may allow, at our discretion, programming that discusses these themes in an appropriate and serious context with appropriate use of content warnings.

If you have any issues or cannot include something in the online form, or if something changes after you submit, please email (make sure to include your name and the panel name for reference).

Panelist Compensation:

  • All selected presenters will receive a compensated weekend badge for QCAC 2021.
  • There is a limit of 3 compensated badges per primary panelist. This would comprise the primary panelist and two assistant panelists. You are welcome to have more panelists on stage, however, only 3 will receive compensated badges. If you have multiple panels selected you will still only receive 3 compensated badges.
  • This means that if your panel idea is selected for inclusion, the primary panelist will receive instructions regarding how to be compensated for the badges.
  • In the event that you are unable or unwilling to complete your panel after being selected, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may fill that slot with another applicant.
  • If you plan on submitting a panel application, PLEASE PRE-REGISTER! Due to capacity restrictions we do not want you to miss a chance to attend our convention if your application is not accepted. You will receive a refund on your badge after successful completion of your panel. Returning panelist who are accepted for 2021 may receive their refund prior to the event.
  • If you have any other questions about this information or the panelist proposal form, please send an email to