Dungeons and Dragons

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QCAC Tabletop Room with have con exclusive Dungeons & Dragons adventures run by the professional game masters of Goblins & Growlers. Goblins & Growlers will also be hosting various panels and main events throughout the convention. (Read more on our Main Events page!)

Each day of the convention will have its own unique adventure to play, all for level 3 player characters, 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons rules. All the game Masters are professionals with years of professional experience at live events and conventions, and our number one goal is to create inclusive and positive atmosphere for all adventures.

Feel free to bring you own player characters to play or grab a pre-generated character in the Tabletop Room. These adventures are written to appeal both to grizzled campaign veterans, and green new adventurers & provide opportunities for combat & roleplay.

Find out more about Goblins & Growlers events, team, or rules at goblinandgrowlers.com & send us any questions at contact@goblinsandgrowlers.com

Attendees will have the opportunity to sign up in an advance online to participate in campaign or they may walk in to the tabletop gaming lounge to sign up for an available slot. Attendees may participate in as many campaigns as they wish throughout the convention.