Cosplay Contests

We have three amazing cosplay contests for you this year! First up we have our Invitational division. This contest is for the folks who pre-registered for the contest online. These competitors will be judged by our esteemed cosplay guests. There are no at con sign ups for this contest but don’t worry! We have two more opportunities for you! 

If Craftsmanship is your jam, we have our Open Craftsmanship division! This contest is just for at-con sign ups. Sign ups will begin Saturday morning at 9:30 am and will continue until 2 pm, to sign up simply show up in costume and ready to be judged during those times. This contest will be judged by three of North Carolina’s premier cosplay craftsmen: MewSakura Cosplay, May Hemmer and Thread Magnet Cosplay. To review the rules for this contest click here.

Didn’t make your costume? No problem! The Runway contest is for folks who want to come show off their costume and their stage presence during the main cosplay contest to win fabulous prizes. The Runway contest rules can be viewed here.

Want more information about all things cosplay contests? Visit the Cosplay Contest Central on the second floor. Our contest staff will be there to answer all your questions on Friday from 2 pm-7pm and on Saturday from 9:30 am-2 pm.