Cosplay Wrestling Federation

The Cosplay Wrestling Federation is a traveling show that blends improv acting with the the drama and storytelling beats of professional wrestling minus the suplexes. Featured in high profile conventions such as MAGfest, Anime Expo Fanime and even Twitchcon our team is always welcoming of new members to join as we all express our love of professional wrestling and character performance.

Great ready for a showdown in the Queen City! The rumble will take place SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY August 11th at 12PM!

The Cosplay Wrestling Federation is heading across the United States to bring it’s unique blend of mic skills, charisma and wrestling storytelling to Queen City Anime Convention 2019!

If you want to participate in this ground breaking show (as well as known the rules and general expectations) please click the link below.

The Cosplay Wrestling Federation show will be Sunday 8/11 at noon

Cirque Du Cosplay

You’ve never seen a circus quite like this! Come watch Queen City Anime Con’s highest flying cosplayers perform anime and cosplay inspired circus acts including death defying aerial arts, silks, trapeze, aerial hoop, sling, juggling, flow arts, acrobatics and more!

Performances will take place Saturday August 10th at 3PM

Carolina Manga Library

The Carolina Manga Library will be bringing their traveling collection to Queen City Anime Convention 2019! Be sure to check out their manga library and kick back with a good book. 

The Carolina Manga Library was founded by librarians who love manga and graphic novels. Since their debut at NashiCon 2013, they’ve traveled to several conventions in the U.S. sharing the love of literacy through our favorite medium. Their collection is built through donations from fans and friends of the library.


Queen City Anime Convention’s burlesque show will once again be brought to you by the Discordia Dames!

Drawing on various styles and backgrounds, the Discordia Dames represent some of the best in traditional burlesque. Touring all over the country and producing monthly shows, the Discordia Dames are both a sight to behold and a force to be reckoned with. ​

The Burlesque Show will be Saturday night in Main Events at 8PM

Sell and Swap

Queen City Anime Convention will be hosting our first community-based flea market event. Come sell your secondhand goods on Sunday from 10:30am-12:30pm.

Rules for Sell & Swap Event

1. Tables are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Please be courteous of other’s space.

2. Anime, cosplay, and anime merchandise can all be sold. Food and beverages are not permitted.

3. No explicit content is allowed to be sold.

4. If you would like sell during the Sell & Swap please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the start.

Thank you for QCAC 2017!

Queen City Anime Convention started as a pipe dream less than a year ago. It started as a group of friends and volunteers that wanted to see more opportunities in Charlotte to celebrate anime and it’s community.

We hoped and prayed that if we worked and promoted hard enough that we could create an event that at least 500 people would want to come to. Our closest estimate from yesterday is currently about 1,800.

I could not be more thrilled and I could not be more grateful. I want to thank my fellow volunteers-people whose hard work I could not have accomplished any of this without. I want to thank our vendors and artists who made our marketplace incredible. I want to thank the Hilton for being incredible hosts. I want to thank SetPlay for their help in making our game room amazing.

Most of all, I want to thank all 1800 of you that came out on a Sunday to a ONE DAY event to see us. You folks are the reason we do this.

I don’t have any news regarding 2018 yet. (Those will come soon, I promise!) What I can say is I am incredibly optimistic about the future of the event and I hope to see you all again.

– Allie Nelson

Convention Chair

Events Schedule

The convention is right around the corner so that means our schedule is out! Be sure to check out all our cool events at the con. See you there!

Schedule of Events

10AM: Cosplay and Charity – Panel Room
11AM: TRIGGER WARNING: The new hotness of Studio Trigger! – Panel Room
12PM: Tapes, Toonami, and Teenagers: Anime Culture of the 90’s – Panel Room

1PM: Cosplay Contest – Main Events

3PM: Cosplay and Crafting – Panel Room
4PM: Anime Theme Song Challenge – Panel Room
5PM: Karaoke – Main Events

Game Room Tournaments  

ARMS: 3:00PM

Cash prize of $50 for the winners of each tournament!


Cosplay Pageant Now Open!

Join QCAC for our first ever Cosplay Pageant! Combining the artistry of a craftsmanship competition with the entertainment of a cosplay masquerade, this event celebrates cosplay and the talented individuals who create it.

The pageant will have three parts. First, a runway portion where contestants show off their cosplay for the audience. Following this, contestants will wow us wth their best lip sync, incorporating their cosplay. To top it all off, there will be a classic pageant Q&A portion in which we get to know the person behind the costume.

The winner will be crowned the first Queen or King of QCAC! Will that be you? We can’t wait to find out!

If you’re interested in entering please fill out the form here!