Cosplay Match Game

What is cosplay Match game?

Cosplay Match Game is just like Match Game…but instead of celebrities…we have talented and funny cosplayers LIKE YOU on stage. It’s your chance to get into your favorite cosplay, stay in character, and have fun! 

The Match Game will take place Sunday August 11th at 2:30PM

There will be a panel of cosplayers, the host, and 2 guests selected from the crowd.

The round goes like this:

Host will ask the panel and the guest a question.

EXAMPLE: “Ash is done catching pokemon, he’s now catching (blank)…”

We give the panel 2 – 3 minutes to write down an answer to that question. The host then asks 1 of the guests for their answer. Then the host goes to ask the panel. The goal is to find a matching answer between the guest and the panelist….but the real goal is to have as much fun as we can by answering and delivering your answers in character!

Let the shenanigans begin!

Hosted By Terrence Henderson, @theblackbard

Remember, the panel spots limited so sign up today!

Cosplay Match Game Rules

1.      Entries can be from any source (for example manga, video games, pop culture, etc) but Original Characters are NOT accepted.

2.      Costumes do not have to be made by the applicant.

3.      All costumes must follow all QCAC rules, general policy, and weapon policy and be appropriate.

4.      All cosplayers must arrive 30 mins prior to the event.

5.      All cosplayers in the event are to avoid any physical contact wither other cosplayers in any way.

6.      Match Game is Sunday, you must have Sunday Pass/Weekend pass to participate.

Sign Up for Cosplay Match Game:

Link to Sign up )

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