Cosplay Wrestling Federation

The Cosplay Wrestling Federation is a traveling show that blends improv acting with the the drama and storytelling beats of professional wrestling minus the suplexes. Featured in high profile conventions such as MAGfest, Anime Expo Fanime and even Twitchcon our team is always welcoming of new members to join as we all express our love of professional wrestling and character performance.

Great ready for a showdown in the Queen City! The rumble will take place SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY August 11th at 12PM!

The Cosplay Wrestling Federation is heading across the United States to bring it’s unique blend of mic skills, charisma and wrestling storytelling to Queen City Anime Convention 2019!

If you want to participate in this ground breaking show (as well as known the rules and general expectations) please click the link below.

The Cosplay Wrestling Federation show will be Sunday 8/11 at noon

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